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Find out why your metabolism may be failing you,
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Break the shackles of metabolic disadvantage.
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Naomi Whittel & Maryann Walsh

Join New York Times best-selling author and wellness entrepreneur, Naomi Whittel and Registered Dietitian Maryann Walsh, as they share interviews with some of the most brilliant thought leaders.

They reveal cutting-edge, science-backed, brand new research.

You’ll be right there with them as they take a deep dive with more than 20 experts and finally provide answers to your questions about diet, weight, fat, exercise, hormones, health and your longevity. Get vital, life-changing information about your metabolic health!

You could be one of the 100 million people, in the U.S. alone, who are suffering from the devastating effects of metabolic syndrome.

Your metabolic health impacts every single part of your life and your well-being… including risk for chronic disease such as: obesity, heart disease, stroke and type 2 diabetes, as well as weight, low energy, unbalanced hormones and premature aging.

85% of adults are at a Metabolic Disadvantage or have Metabolic Syndrome.

Do you have any of these risk factors?

High blood pressure
High blood sugar
Excess fat around the waist
High triglycerides
Low levels of HDL

The Keto Woman is packed with powerful interviews from more than 20 experts and inspiring transformation stories from real women who have created metabolic miracles you never thought possible before now.

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The Keto Woman is unleashing the best secrets for overthrowing the metabolic disadvantage epidemic!

• Shift your focus from weight loss to metabolic gain
• Learn about the science behind keto
• Understand why a fat free/high sugar diet is bad for your health
• Forget your fear of dietary fat
• Understand your own engine of energy
• Overcome hidden lifestyle factors that are sabatoging your wellness goals
• Learn how to optimize your metabolism
• Improve weight imbalance, imperfect skin, stress, anxiety and hormones
• Expose the dangers of the “skinny fat” problem
• Learn why you need to focus on muscle mass
• Understand why food is good for you
• Learn about intermittent fasting
• Get your energy system moving in the right direction

The Keto Woman is POWERFUL and will EMPOWER YOU. It will leave you inspired. It will give you hope. It will provide answers for women just like you who are looking to get UNSTUCK. You will hear directly from women who were inspired by this same program and how it transformed their lives. The good news is – it’s not your fault! Reclaim your power, your health…your life!

Aging is inevitable but doesn’t define you.
Your metabolic health does. More than 30 experts will give you the tools to take control of your weight, your health and your life.

MONTEL WILLIAMS Television Personality, Radio Talk Show Host, and Actor
DAVE HOOPER, PhD Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, Jacksonville University
KATHY SMITH Fitness Expert and Author
TAMI MERAGLIA, MD Board-Certified in Naturopathic and Integrative Medicine, and Cosmetic Medicine
DREW MANNING Health and Fitness Expert
CATE SHANAHAN, MD Board-Certified Family Physician
FELICE GERSH, MD Board-Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist
CARENA WINTERS, PhD Associate Professor of Kinesiology, Jacksonville University
DOMINIC D'AGOSTINO, PhD Scientist, Institute for Human and Machine Cognition
MIKE HOAGLIN, MD Practicing Physician and Digital Health Expert
BETH ZUPEC-KANIA, RDN Clinical Dietitian
CHRISTIANN LEEUWENBURGH, PhD Professor in the Department of Aging and Geriatric Research, University of Florida
JEFFREY BLAND, PhD Founder, The Institute for Functional Medicine
CHRISTINE MAREN, DO Board-Certified Osteopathic Physician
PAUL GREWAL, MD Internist and Co-Author of Genius Food
ANGELA POFF, PhD Research Associate, University of South Florida
ARA JO, PhD Clinical Assistant Professor, University of Florida
HEATHER HAUSENBLAS, PhD Professor of Kinesiology, Jacksonville University
CATHY SAENZ, PhD Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, Jacksonville University
ANGELI AKEY, MD, FACP Board-Certified in Internal Medicine, Integrative and Holistic Medicine, and Anti-aging and Regenerative Medicine

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I’m Naomi Whittel... mother, daughter, sister, entrepreneur, and I am insatiably curious about healing power of the Earth’s ingredients. In my childhood, I suffered from debilitating eczema for which nothing worked — not even traditional medicine. It was painful, embarrassing, and it held me back. Then, later in life as I prepared for pregnancy, I was confronted with dangerous levels of toxicity from heavy metals from supposedly “safe” supplements I had ingested. I had been poisoned by my desire to get healthy!

This crisis ignited my passion and promise to ensure that others would never endure the same challenges.The difference between good and great success is often found within the nuances. A mere 2- to 3-degree tweak can have a profound effect.

You can shift your body from being inefficient to being efficient almost magically once you know how. Yes, you can lose weight, gain energy and boost your immunity by simply tweaking the decisions you already make.

I’m delighted to have you join me on the journey as I share illuminating discussions with some of the greatest minds and leading global experts in the field of metabolic health, including nutritional ketosis.


I’m Maryann Walsh, a Registered Dietitian, Certified Diabetes Educator, nutrition expert, and SlimFast Plan Consultant. I became fascinated with the science of food and nutrition as a child which led me to pursue my education in nutrition and to become a registered dietitian.

I have appeared in numerous media outlets such as NBC, ABC, CBS, Shape  magazine and Food Network. Through my work as a nutrition expert I have been able to reach millions and share the message of attainable health and wellness through credible, research-backed science.

I am so honored to be working alongside Naomi on this incredible docuseries, The Keto Woman, and excited to share this life-changing program with all of you!